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Go 40%!! The Gamer Girls

Gamer girl by capamerica13

Gamer girl by capamerica13




     You have to hand it to the gamer girls who are the 40% of the boys. They are about our other half. Its nearing Christmas and I wanted to do a tribute to girls who can rival the best male gamers out there. Here are some artwork by deviant artist capamerica13 and diginity 13, (cap is the top on, dignity is in second). I love how people can use colors to create images that can aww anyone. Cap’s gamer girl is what I often see with the gamer girls of this generation. The next one really amazed me! Dignity splashed a few colors here and there with a few outlines and then boom! a masterpiece! I’m an artist myself, but I am not as good as this deviant. The last on the list is an unknown one. It is isnanely creative! I mean the girl has an entertainment system all set up just for games! Thats my dream right there!

If you love these artworks I suggest you drop by deviant arts and catch a glimpse on the artist of today! I also have a few artworks there so if you want just click the link and like my deviations.


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